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Par le 22 octobre 2014 dans League of Legend | 0 commentaire

Recent edit : Finally got my fingers out of my ass and created a website dedicated to Shaco (still in construction but will be based mostly on this article) : youpiwaza.com. Enjoy da youtube channel too.


Envie de retourner sur l’un de mes champions préférés, bien technique, et de m’y consacrer entièrement parce que j’en ai un peu marre de papillonner. Shaco donc, le deuxième champion le plus insupportable derrière Teemo. Après avoir (re)fait quelques recherches, je me suis rendu compte que la masse de travail était très conséquente puisque Shaco peut se jouer de pas mal de manières différentes (même si je resterai sur le rôle de jungler) telles que Assassin, Bruiser, SplitPusher, Tanky, AD, AP, AS etc. Bref un très grand nombre de possibilités. Je comptait faire un guide ici, mais ce n’est pas adapté donc je resterai sur ma base de mobafire. Toutefois Moba est pas top pour les recherches, le spam d’infos et le theory crafting et c’est pourquoi je crée cette page : afin de tout centraliser, regrouper et surtout tester avant de créer un multi-guide dédié. Je prévoit de faire le guide en français (qui en manque cruellement) ainsi qu’en anglais histoire que ça soit un peu lu quand même. Si je trouve la motivation je terminerai surement mon guide dédié au rôle de jungler avant, histoire de pas me répéter. Bref assez de blabla et on rentre dans le gras. Note : J’utilise pas mal de termes/raccourcis liés à League of Legend et un mélange de français anglais. Et je vous merde. Ça sera remis au propre sur le guide. Note : Updated 4.19  ✓ Youtube streamed vidéos : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLnk5WghLBX8XPpqv7ExT6VL9ZKcS0H9L

Sum spells


  • Does ignites stacks ? (proc same time, still 2x dmg ?)
    • // Wiki Multiple uses of Ignite.png Ignite on the same target will refresh its duration and provides no stacking effect.

Flash Exhaust ?

  • AD Shac
  • AP Shac
  • Sustain DPS Shac


  • Clone follow ✓ 4.19
  • Escapes > deceive teleport ?
    • Teleport cancels stealth ✓ 4.21
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQpOxT4-8_s
  • Teleport sur box 1 seconde expire > Enemy team see all tp ✓ 4.19




A tester / Optimal / Viable / Non viable AD

  • Classique RQ AD, Y Armor, B Mres/lvl
  • RQ Apen, Y Armor, B Mres/lvl // Apen not optimal ? E AD ratio 1, WER Magic damage. max Q 2nd ?
  • R Apen, Y Armor, B Mres/lvl, Q AD


  • R Hybrid pen, Y AP/lvl, BQ Flat AP // flat AP
  • R Hybrid pen, Y Armor, BQ AP/lvl // AP/lvl
  • R Hybrid pen, Y AP/lvl, B Mpen, Q flat AP // Mpen
  • R Hybrid pen, Y AP/lvl, B2Q Mpen 1Q AP// Max Mpen // Manque soit CDR soit AP. Too weak early/mid game. Decent late
  • RYBQ AP/lvl (99 AP/lvl 18 avec la maitrise, ~5.5AP/lvl) // Max AP/lvl // rush sorc boots ?


  • R AD, Y Armor, BQ Flat AP
  • RQ AD, YB Flat AP
  • R Hybrid pen, Y AP/lvl, B Flap AP, Q AD


  • R2Q Apen, Y armor, B1Q CDR
  • R2Q AD, Y armor, B1Q CDR
  • R AD, Y armor, B1Q CDR, 2Q Apen // Moins puissant mid game que flat Apen
  • R AS, Y AP/lvl, B1Q CDR, 2Q AP
  • R Hybrid pen, Y Armor, B1Q CDR, 2Q AP

AS / Wriggles BTRK tank

  • RQ AS, Y armor/lvl, B Mres/lvl


  • R AS, Y Armor, BQ flat AP
  • R AS, Y Armor, BQ AP/lvl

Crit dmg / max Q 2nd

  • R crit dmg, Y Armor
    • BQ AP
    • BQ AS
    • B AS Q AD
    • B1Q CDR
      • 2Q AS
      • 2Q AD
      • 2Q APen
  • RQ crit dmg, Y Armor
    • B AP
    • B AS
  • RYBQ crit dmg 46% <3 // rush IE Statik
  • R2Q Crit dmg, Y armor, B1Q CDR // insane early mid, poor lat e? Fine mais manque d’armor pen ? test statik LW IE ? remplacer statik par younmu ? -avarice + bruta > younmu
    • Madred Avarice + boots BF Statik Wriggles Ie


Does clone benefits from all runes ? cf. %crit dmg runes doesnt work with clone shiv procs


Passive / Backstab

Marche avec tout ?

  • AA ✓ 4.19
  • Q  ✓ 4.19
  • W  ✓ 4.19
  • E  ✓ 4.19
  • R aa  ✓ 4.19
  • R explosion // wtv, clone IA is fckd up
  • Hydra  ✘ 4.19
  • BTRK Active  ✘ 4.19
  • ~on hits > cf. items
  • Smite ?
  • Ignite ?

Utilise la technique de placement vs mobs de yasuo « Attack champions only »  ✓ 4.21

Q / Deceive

B = recall

  • QB au même moment : invisi recall for 3.5 sec ? ✓ 4.21
    • // Chinese Jester Note 7: If Shaco simultaneously presses Q and B (deceive and base) then Shaco will end up basing in his invisibility (similar to Twitch’s Q and base). This means if the base is an 8 second cooldown (7 with the recall mastery in the utility tree) then 3.5 seconds will be spent in invisibility because of this technique leaving 4.5 seconds or 3.5 seconds of basing while visible.
      • // Chinese Jester & Secret of Shaco You can recall while invisible in deceive. As soon as you hit Q for deceive, immediately press B for recall. When you blink, you will be recalling while invisible. Recalling takes longer than deceive, so you will be visible for a few seconds before you finish but this can save your life sometimes. I recommend taking the Enhanced Recall mastery on Shaco always because when you play him correctly, you will often be trying to escape clutch situations. // Lel, always enhanced recall. Best mastery
    • Si oui : Train quand fuite > Rentre dans brush > W box > Enemy enter in brush > QB in place (pref on box) > Enemy walks outside brush > profit
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHLmDIXhXqY
  • Q puis B : Cancel invis & straight CD ✓ 4.21
    • // Chinese Jester Note 6: Shaco has a unique cooldown with his Q as it goes on cooldown after Shaco is revealed (not revealed as in being seen but as in being out of stealth). This makes it similar to the original Leblanc W where the 2nd double would need to be used or expired to go on cooldown. However, by using the back animation and pressing b (or whatever you binded it to) then the cooldown will begin. This however will break your stealth and make you visible. A common method used with this is to cover distance (stay with me here). For example if you are attempting to get to top lane from base and want to get there as fast as possible then begin Qing up to top lane and pressing base to put it on cooldown and then repeat as the cooldown comes up. This abuses the blink and uses it to travel distances as it nets more distance than just walking. Keep in mind this is quite a large mana burn and should only be used when having a blue buff or a situation where getting to a location is paramount.
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyElEp2KeVk
  • Q, R while invis > does not break stealth ? ✓ 4.21
    • // Pretty sure its from chinese too x’)
    • Si oui, test quand fuite : Q vers base pas loin d’un brush > ~ 2sec invis > R + clone continue vers base > Invisi walk IN brush 1.5sec
    • Late engage : Venir par derrière, poser une boite > Enemy team aggro > Q de coté / in > ~1.5sec pop R clone + walk away toward carry > Profit
      • Prefer R while enemy team doesn’t see you. Send clone running away, when he’s about to 3/4 a screen, Q in : Clone will pop back next to you. If enemy team saw the Q orange puff, they might assumes it isn’t clone since they didn’t saw multicolor puffs + Major advantage you doesn’t get ~1sec stun for ulting, can run straight for adc/apc as everybody focus/cc clone + If They got AoE cc/skillshot you got a huge risk to get some in the face even if invisible, as your clone will pop next to you (can’t arrange position as Q cdr & no flash).
      • Best part is if the carrie got a small escape (Flash, Ezreal E, Lucian E, wtv) and try kiting. While poping the clone in front of them you can anticiapte the way they’re gonna flee and already be there : backstab + aa as they won’t likely get further away.
    • /!\ les particules de l’ulti sont toujours visibles.
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQpOxT4-8_s
  • Q Tower Aggro Bug ? ✓ 4.21 o.O // Reste a tester sur tour milieu ✓ Ne fonctionne pas sous la première tour du milieu
    • // Chinese Jester Qing under tower when the tower shot is about to hit you/as it hits you causes the next turret shot to re-aggro. This means that it can either be dropped back to the first tower shot to reduce damage (as consecutive tower shots do more, resetting it to the first tower shot does less). You can drop the aggro and pass it onto your minions while still being under turret range. You can drop the aggro and pass it onto a teammate to tank while you proceed to dive even though you tanked the turret initially. Note : This does not work when DOT (damage over time is applied to an enemy champion under turret by you. Note 2 : This does not work on mid outer turrets on either purple or blue side. Note max : Already noticed some weird sh*t with mid 1st turrets when timed properly, it doesn’t reaggro but can cause the next turret shot to delay ~.5sec.
      Effective Uses: This can be used to drop aggro and re-apply pressure under tower by continuously diving. This can be used to drop turret aggro and reset it to the first tower shot to decrease damage the turret is doing on you.

      • Can drop a W box and switch aggro to it  ✓ 4.21
      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF5LR5MW8pU
      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUizkru4q-c
  • Long QW✓ 4.21
    • // Secret of Shaco There is an unknown deceive spot that I haven’t seen anyone else use. In between the outermost middle tower and blue buff, there is a brush. It’s a 4 way intersection that’s commonly warded. If you stand in the middle of this brush and hug the closest point to mid lane, you can deceive from here directly to the mid tower. It’s a huge deceive jump, probably the biggest obstacle you can deceive over in the game. (you can deceive to the ‘corner’ of the block of trees, farther out then mid tower)-This is a very useful spot because literally nobody knows about it or expects you to be there. Let’s say the enemy mid player is pushing your mid tower. In the past, you probably would enter from a sidelane or maybe from your wraiths if you know he has a ward. But a good mid player will look at your wraiths for the orange smoke and will back away.-This spot is also amazing when tower diving the mid player. If you finish the dive and notice the enemy jungler closing in from behind you, you can hug the wall next to mid tower and deceive into this brush – leaving the enemy jungler clueless. This is difficult to execute and takes practice.
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QkD8aAIgAc
  • Passer entre les deux tours mid sans prendre l’aggro grace a deceive.  ✓ 4.21
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw0SVrIwRfg
  • Gets Denied
    • Kassadin spell stacks
    • Katarina Ult
    • Leona E over clone, doesn’t get pulled
    • cf. chinese
    • Offensive auras
      • Frozen heart, Sunfire
    • Aoe, skillshots (Caitlyn Q, Urgot Q, etc.)
      • Denies no skillshots champs (vayne, wtv)
    • Rengar ult ?
      • Rengar ult ?  ✓ 4.19 Real gets revealed
    • Nocturne Q trail ?  ✓ 4.19 follow even in invis. Even if already invis.
    • Warwick passive ?
  • Q Crit doesn’t depend on Stealth. Use W before AA ✓ 4.21 > 5 seconds after Q cast, even if cancel incisibility.
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIaD_S4lyEI
  • Q removes slows ? ✘ 4.19
  • Q doesn’t proc sheen on 1st aa // sivHD ✘ 4.21 // Sheen procs
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFoPbgWtEOw
  • Synergy with sustained DPS
    • Clone + skills + hydra > Q out + sustain dps (clone aa, clone death, red, SLE, ignite, wtv) + stay invis 3sec > End with crit.
    • Pretty effective vs burst champs ; if they try to focus you, you loose half your hp, your team fck them while they search for you (doesn’t exepect Q out, they usually pink, red trink++ on place)
    • Works even greater with GA > Try to Proc AA right after Q stealth end (put Q on CD) then run away, try to get one or 2 seconds (1-2 + 1sec enemy kills you/pop GA + GA animation = Q up > Q out)

W / Boxes

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJ5XxEReqzo
  • Tester chemin de la deception
    • Plutôt que de mettre 4 boites dans le brush avant le red, les placer a 2cm d’intervalles x’)
    • Like X    X    X    X instead of  XXXX
  • Pour embuscade (avec ult) > placer les boites dans les buissons de manière à ne pas faire ressortir les champions ennemis.
    • http://youtu.be/Ei0kmUTtoHY?t=8s
  • // Chinese Jester Note 9: Boxes will not proc on targets it does not have vision on. This comes in two variations. First, if the box if for example outside of a brush, and the enemy champion is next to the brush in range of the box but not visible to it, the box will not proc (a common situation in the banana brush). Second, it will not proc on invisible champions until they become visible. Champions such as Evelynn would just walk through the box as well as Twitch until they become visible and within the box range. Keep in mind however they will not know it would be there unless they become visible or have a pink with them.
    • Test : Placer boxs juste à la sortie des buissons > Les boxs ont pas la vue sur le champion > Proc plus tard = Proc plus prêt = Plus de hits si la box n’est pas détruite
      • Test spam boxes sortie de buisson
        • Juste a la sortie, latence activation, mob repoussé en dehors du brush O.o  ✓ 4.19 // tester ek humains
        • ~2m (zoom 100%) mob sur place <3 ✓ 4.19 // tester ek humains
        • // can block ourselves w box + jungle monster (with) >> circle da boxes > Enemy « pop » out of brush inside da circle > can’t move > GANGBANG > profit ~~ tester ek des humains
  • // Secret of Shaco One of my trick is if an amumu/leona is on the enemy team trap bait them to you. Set traps close to you and let them hit you with their skillshot stun. They get gifts of jack-in-the -box
    • Works ? Comportement ? Cancel mid dash, procs & pousse plus loin ? Leona still get pulled to me, fear at the arrival straight ✓ 4.19
    • Cancel most dashes (panth stun, lee sin QQ, etc)
  • Utiliser pour bloquer skillshots
    • .5sec CD ! Prévoir // Très dur a mettre en place il faut limite lancer la boite avant que le projectile ennemie parte  ✓ 4.19
    • Ne marche que tant que la boite n’est pas camouflée  ✓ 4.19 testé ek rengar E
    • Bloque tout ? Blitz grab ?
    • /!\ thresh hook, doesn’t one shot box, can pull himself
    • Marche sur morg Q
  • Si bcp de CDR et jungle timers > poser boxs a l’avance par dessus le mur, prendre le buff (enemi) sans rentrer
  • Can TP on boxes ? ✓ 4.21
    • Boxe time 1sec > Tp > Invisi tp ? //~  J4 / thresh  ✘ 4.19 // Teleport still visible for full duration
  • Boxs to attack Nexus / Towers Works 3.18
    • N’est pas révélé par les bâtiments
    • Si placé a coté, révélé & bâtiment cible la plus proche, attaque le bâtiment.
  • Fear change > Feared targets flee in the opposite direction from fear source ✓ 4.19
  • Enemy can’t see smoke ? // tester ek humains
    • Fog ✓ 4.19 No
    • Brush  ✓ 4.19 No
    • Special
      • Ally Graves W
      • Ally Nocturne Ult
  • Denies
    • Jump champions > Place box/s, bait jump, enemy got feared > DPS puis Q
      • Lee sin Q
      • Rengar passive / ult
      • Zac
      • Ziggs
  • Gets denied
    • Pink wards
    • Red trink ++
    • Syndra W
    • Smite
    • Nunu consume
  • Long range boxes // cf. Q ✓ 4.21
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QkD8aAIgAc
  • Can be smited ✓ 4.19
  • Brains drake (slow turning animation) orb walk back & forth  ✓ 4.19 // Gets 2 hit even HL drake, cancel 3-4 drake attacks
  • Obvious traps ( box around pink wards ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVkIYG8Qf1Y
  • Can teleport on  ✓ 4.21
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqnBJitNP_s&list=UUvOXkXBMtt1vfYKnR5hogqA
  • Get executed with targon
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1J9F6T6ZGE


E / Poisonous Shiv

  • Procs backstab  ✓ 4.19
    • Proc en fonction de la ou il touche, pas de la provenance  ✓ 4.19
  • Utiliser avec Target champ only
  • /!\ Magic damage > Sorc boots  ✓ 4.19
  • Passive (AA) doesn’t get denied by Banshee  ✓ 4.19
  • Passive (AA) is denied by morgana’s shield  ✓ 4.19


R / Ultimate

4 / Hallucinate

  • How does it actually works
    • Wall jumps
      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP1Ke85VWio
      • Turret jump (diving/dive)
      • Which walls
        • Tester sur de plus gros murs
        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6Fu1KYOrPc // O.O
      • Both shaco & clone wall jump ?
      • // Chinese Jester Note 9: You can use your ultimate to push yourself over thin walls sometimes. This is because when Shaco ultimates near a wall, both the original and Shaco clone cannot be in them same space (unit). Therefore one must push the other one aside to create a location for the other. To shove a unit over the wall one must spam the unit that wants to go over in that direction and the other must remain in the original box with spam, this however is unreasonably difficult as you cannot simultaneously click the original spot and the spot over the wall at the same time. Thus, this trick only works sometimes at an unreasonably RNG rate, however does work about 40% of the time. If anyone has ideas about the consistency of this trick please let me know. Keep in mind it is also possible for both to go over the wall as one shoves the other one over but the clone has not yet « spawned » so it spawns with you over the wall.
        • Au spawn  ✓ 4.19 // vachement random
        • Le clone peut nous pousser a travers un mur après avoir popé (spam R) !?  ✘ 4.19 // Besoin de tester encore mais a priori putain de non
      • Try spam right click & R while channeling see if it influences
      • // Jai Way Tan // C’pourrait être le plus plausible It works the same way how u move after end game after Zyonya, CC etc. Shaco disappears from the game to become untargetable like fizz’s jump, except he doesn’t have a visual during the « jump » allowing him to pass through walls while in that state if the move command was given right before. If he manages to walk halfway through, he will appear on the other side like how placing boxes and wards work. The second one where only shaco or the clone itself goes over is due to the clone appearing either left or right of shaco. Shaco did not manage to walk through the wall within the split second of ulti. Apparently movement speed does make a difference.
    • Original shaco always appears right ? // reddit discution ✘ 4.19 Around 75% of the time
    • Clone always face top ? // reddit discution  ✓ 4.19
    • Removes slow ?
    • Ult under turret, focus on the closest ? ✓ 4.19
    • Ults tests
      • Facing up
        • 1. Both facing up
        • 1. Shaco appeared ~2mm up 2mm right
        • 1. Clone appeared ~1cm right
        • 2. Both facing up
        • 2. Shaco 1cm up left
        • 2. Clone 2mm down right
        • 3. both facing up
        • 3. Shaco 1cm up, .5 right
        • 3. Clone .5cm up right
      • Facing bot
        • 1. Shaco faceing down, Clone facing up
        • Pos aleatoire ? curseur en bas > shaco en haut
        • worm dance > 1/4 at left
        • curseur up > shaco & clone up right
      • Drake pit, smaller wall
        • S = shaco C = clone I = In O = out
        • facing up > 1 SICO  2 SCO 3 SOCI SICO
        • facing down > 1 SOCI 2 (walking) SCO
        • facing right SCO
      • Drake pit, buggy sapinfreakin random
        • 1 SCI 2 SICO 3 SICO 345 SCO
      • Clone appears not to the right of the screen but to the right of Shaco ? > Wall jump : wall is right, shaco facing bot, clone appears right to shaco (left camera), pushes shaco (to the right) over the wall !? // likemsan I have played over 2k shaco games and it is easily achievable 100% stand close to the wall facing perpendicular to it. the clone will always spawn on the left hand side of shaco. thus make sure you face in the proper direction. // Shaco smurf Well the reason this works is partially due to the fact shaco spawns a little bit further to the right of where he is facing when he ults. This trick is good for baron steals because you will be able to decieve out right after the steal. // stefsot The wall must be on your right side for this to work, I’ve been doing for some time now
  • Dodges
    • Timer ( .5sec initate THEN, .5sec invul ) ?
      • // Chinese Jester Shaco should ultimate sometime between 1-.6 seconds remaining to have a dodge. It takes about half a second to go into the invulnerability mode and the stasis mode lasts for about .5 seconds, probably a little less.
    • Ignite tick ? // humain
    • (new) Karthus R ?
    • Turret shot ? ✓ 4.19
    • Long / Phat Skillshots
      • Ashe R
      • Nami R
      • Jinx R
      • Ez R
      • Fizz R
      • Kog passive x)  ✓ 4.19
    • Short anim
      • Darius R
      • Garen R
    • Delayed
      • Zed R deathmark // humain
      • Edit : When Zed ult, ult right away (ou avant ?) peut prévenir le posage même de la marque. // Zed – Ult after Zed has started his weird ult animation but just before he re-materializes
    • Examples // not sure about LoL version
      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5kxqOz9Nuo
  • Deny
    • Caitlyn ult > Wait projectile & .5sec dodge it, or Caitlyn ult will be on a 5 sec CD
    • Morgana > Soul chackles chain
    • Nocturne > E unspeakable horror ✘ 4.19 No si fait direct, delay fear, always get feared
    • Leblanc > Chain doesn’t get denied !? // Chinese Jester Leblanc: You cannot ultimate the chain, it will continue as it was in terms of time after your ultimate.
      • Karma > Chain doesn’t break // Testé une fois, je pense qu’on peux éviter le root en timant les .5sec, a vérifier
      • Check Vi ultimate
      • Swain Slow doesnt break ✓ 4.19
    • Chasing > Si on se fait chase, dire au clone d’aa pour le slow  ✓ 4.19
  • Gets Denied
    • Ping real Shaco before ults keeps ping on Shaco > Ult in stealth/brushs
    • Champions marks ?
      • Twitch poison
      • Darius bleed
      • Vel koz passive
      • Cassiopea poison
      • Zilean bomb / slow
      • Janna slow
      • Quinn’s passive
      • Nocturne Q > Follow the real shaco only after ult. ✓ 4.19
    • Been ignited/exaushted right before
    • Buff « The unit is been controlled » ?
  • Emotes ?
  • Clone level 5 !? > Get 6, ult while enemy team hasn’t seen you yet, send clone. It will appear with last seen level ? - I dont play shaco, but make your ult as real as possible. meaning dont use it while you have buffs. Also I saw some shacos dive people while their clone is sitting behind defeating the whole purpose of shaco dive. I also heard that if you show yourself at level 5, and use your clone to gank a lane while you q into your enemy, the clone will look like level 5 leaving enemy to assume that you are level 5 and have no clones to gank with. - Let me see if I understand. So, if they see your clone before they see the real Shaco at level 6, the clone will appear to be level 5? - Exactly. This is because you will appear as the last level the enemy team saw you as, which will probably be 5. Ulting at while you are out of vision will cause them to see a level 5 clone. - Peculiar. Does the clone change to 6 when you come into vision? - No, if you’re in the fog of war at level 5, then hit level 6 still not visible to enemy team, you can use your ult and it will appear as a level 5 Shaco, so people will assume it’s the real clown. - Yeah I got that. I was just wondering whether the clone appeared to level up when the real Shaco comes into vision. - Ahh, in that case, I’m not sure. I would assume so, yeah.
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5XQNmTIEyQ
    • Works  ✓ 4.19

R / Clone

  • Can crit ?  ✓ 4.19 
  • Can lifesteal ?  ✓ 4.19 
  • On-hit / cf. Items
  • Can be smited ? Nope   ✓ 4.19 
  • Enemy team on a ward. Warn team to get ready. Clone face check brush
  • Appears with same amout of life than original // Ult as soon as focused, try predict cc
  • GA appears, but doesn’t proc // Works 3.18
  • Gets denied
    • Clone got no buffs (which is retarded imo as Shaco 99% jungle)
    • Clone got no items
    • Clone take more dmg // Enemy Aoe
    • Clone deals less dmg
    • If cast spells, Real Shaco have less mana
    • No elixir buff
    • Special
      • WW can procs his movespeed buff on clone
      • Rengar ult ?  ✓ 4.19 Real gets revealed
      • Volibear roar make the clone fear  ✓ 4.19 O.o
      • Leona E zentih blade > will mark the clone, and jump to Real shaco  // humain
      • Syndra W can grab clone ? // humain
      • Nunu Q consume ? ✘ 4.19 
      • Fizz ult doesn’t stick to clone ? ✓ 4.19 It does stick to clone
      • Ez W (shaco only ?) // humain
      • Can be executed by targon
        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1J9F6T6ZGE
    • Different stats ?
  • Can capture points on twisted treeline // reddit discution
  • Train siv HD juke school Clone shuffling // Activate with Q in brush  ✓ 4.19
    • Portée ~ 1 écran, faire des tests
  • Can be controlled when original is dead ? No ✘ 4.19 Is fucking stupid as fck ✓
    • Can send attack move command ? ✘ 4.19 // would have been freaking great
    • Clone target champions only   ✓ 4.19 
  • Brains drake (slow turning animation) orb walk back & forth  ✓ 4.19
  • Clone invasion > Send clone to enemy buff > grants vision, box over the wall, AA, death dmg > smite over the wall
  • R control (lel) > is buggy, prefer alt control


Q Animation cancel

// Chinese Jester Note 4: Shaco can buffer skills at the same time as he Qs to save frames. If Shaco Qs and Ws a location he is within range of at the exact same time both skills will go off then Shaco will have placed his box and retain invisibility for the full duration. This can be done with his E as well. For example, if I were to hover my cursor over an enemy champion and press Q and E over him at the exact same time then the resulting action would be a shiv hitting the intended target as well as Shaco having gone into his stealth. One final note about this skill is that if you ultimate while simultaneously Qing sometimes your ult will not form at the location you blinked to, rather it will appear halfway between the origin of the Q and the new location or even sometimes leaving the clone at the original location. For this reason I highly recommend waiting at least half a second before ulting after you Q. // Let’s pretend to play Riven x’)

  • QW ? ✓ 4.19 
  • QE ? ✓ 4.19 
  • QR ? // could be pretty interesting if can remove .5sc channel ✘ 4.19 


Q in brush > enemy team see R in brush > enemy team see W in brush > enemy team doesn’t see R while Q invis > Multi color.




  • Always proc a crit on Q Deceive ? ✓ 4.19
  • Clone
    • Procs ✓ 4.19
    • Starts at 0 charges ✓ 4.19
    • Clone Damage (shiv proc) increase with %crit runes ✘ 4.19 // pretty fucking stupid
    • Clone Damage (shiv proc) increase with IE  ✓ 4.19
  • Damage reduce/augmented due to Deceive % ? ✓ 4.19
    • Q lvl 1 > 189 Q lvl 2 > 210 Q lvl 3 > 230
    • Q nerf shiv dmg ? ✓ 4.19 Q lvl 1 > crit 143 Normal crit (no Q) 200
  • Damage increase with %crit runes  ✓ 4.19
  • Damage increase with IE   ✓ 4.19
  • Damage with Q, IE, %crit runes
    • Stacks up to 316% (220% deceive + 50% IE + 46% crit dmg runes) ✓ 4.19
    • = 316 magic damage to 4 targets with 0 Magic resist > 1264 magic damage only on shiv proc x’)
  • 10 charge on AA, 4-7 on move, scale with ASMS   ✓ 4.19
  • Q dmg tests
    • Tests dmg on red buff
    • Base 102
    • Crit 204
    • Q crit 224 / 100%
    • Backstab doesn’t proc on normal attack, procs on Q sometimes (facing monsters while Q procs BS ?) // test sur champs ( les mobs tournent trop vite)
    • Drake base 59
    • Drake crit 119
    • Drake Q 131
    • Red IE 102
    • red ie crit 255
    • red IE Q 255 !? // parfois 275 ? backstab ?
    • Drake base 57
    • drake crit 142
    • Drake Q 154 // bs ? or 220% crit ?
      • 46% crit runes
      • 222 with IE x’) // Drake Mres

Flare / Spirit Lizard Elder Hydra / BTRK Triforce IE / Statik IE / SoD Liandri >Moins de burst mais W procs a chaque tir + fear doubles. E procs + double. hmmm


Aegis > Double bonus w clone ? (each proc aura ?) ✘ 4.19  Sunfire cape > No longer 2x aoe ? ✘ 4.19  Zeke’s herald  ✘ 4.19 Abyssacal scepter  ✘ 4.19 Frozen heart  ✘ 4.19 Targon (green sup item) ~ 4.19 // Clone doesnt proc, can proc on clone (heal, no gold gain) Banner of command  ✘ 4.19 Clone gives aura to allies/enemies  ✓ 4.19 No boots + statik + PD + Zephyr = 426 MS > full build no boots AS : BTRK (anti tanky + sustain) IE GA Statik PD Zephyr > Solo extreme backdoor – GA + Boots 3++ (top can tp on boxes too, while it tank nexus turret)

Clone procs on hits

Pertinence *** Vérifier

  • ***Madred ✘ 4.19 clone doesn’t proc O.o
  • / Wriggles ✘ 4.19 clone doesn’t proc
  • / Flare ✘ 4.19 clone doesn’t proc // Both vs jungle & vs champs
    • If you get Wriggles use the ward at 29 stacks before 30 as it refreshes. Works ?
  • ***BTRK ✘ 4.19 clone doesn’t proc -____-
    • Active doesn’t proc backstab ✓ 4.19
  • ***Tiamat / Hydra ✓ 4.19
  • **BC ✓ 4.19
  • Essence reaver // Not relevant
  • *Executionner’s calling ✓ 4.19
  • *Frozen Mallet ✓ 4.19
  • **Enchant : Furor ✓ 4.19
  • **Phage /Triforce > Rage (moveboost) ✓ 4.19
    • // Malvortex Clone’s kills give the real Shaco the +40ms kill effect.  ✓ 4.19 o.O
  • *Muramana ✘ 4.19 can’t active // alt 1
  • ***Nashor’s tooth ✘ 4.19 clone doesn’t proc -____-
  • Sword of divine // Clone still has max AS even if shaco just proced the passive. ✓ 4.19
  • ***SLE  ✓ 4.19
  • **Wits end // Max stacks ?
    • Mres steal  ✓ 4.19
    • 42 magic dmg ✘ 4.19 
  • *Guinsoo
    • Passive (AS)  ~ 4.19
      • Clone get no stacks  ✓ 4.19
      • Clone get no AS (profile)  ✓ 4.19
      • Clone seems to hit faster though ~
    • Active  (LL SV) ✓ 4.19
  • ** Sheen / Tri / LB > Spellblade ✘ 4.19
  • ***Statik
    • Clone procs ✓ 4.19
    • Clone starts at 0 charges ✓ 4.19
    • Clone Damage (shiv proc) increase with %crit runes ✘ 4.19
    • Clone Damage (shiv proc) increase with IE ✓ 4.19



Current Madred + sword Boots + Tiamat Hydra Boots 5 Homeguard Wriggles GA — Sheen > Triforce IE -Wriggles + BTRK / LW – Boots + Merc treads + Swift — Ultra bd > – GA + zephyr – Boots + Boots 3+ – BTRK + BT

  • SivHD 
    Boots as
    Sword occult
    -wriggles + BT
  • ASAP // Check clone proc nash Nashor tooth Wits end
  • early SOD Madred Boots (+ Recurve ?) Boots5 + Homegard IE Sword of Divine GA / Hydra // Pas/peu d’attack speed > LW
  • Shaclone Madred Boots Hydra Boots 5 Hexdrinker Tanky (Randuin, Banshee)
  • Shaclone++ Madred + AS runes Boots Cutlass Boots 5 BTRK Tanky + Wrigles ~25+ stacks
  • Korean 1 Madred Boots Tiamat Bruta > Younmu
  • Korean 2 Spirit S boots Tiamat Boots 5 SLE Hydra
  • Phat mid game Madred + boots Brutalizer (> Younmu straight ?) IE (Younmu)
  • Works great Madred Boots Tiamat Boots 5 Hydra Homegard + Wriggles GA BTRK Banshee
  • Crit oriented Madred Boots Zeal > Statik Boots 5 + homegard Wriggles IE GA PD -Flare + BTRK / Hydra (pref btrk pour AS)
  • AD Oriented Madred Boots Tiamat Boots 5 Homeguard Hydra / Wriggles IE LW BT – Wriggles + GA / QSS MS / Triforce ? Phat burst + some AS
  • Sans item jungle A tester,Hydra/Btrk donnent du sustain, meilleurs stats
  • Tanko SS + Boots BTRK Hp items / Sunfire / Randuin / Banshee //  Frozen / BC // Optimise clone Spirit Golem (25% bonus HP)
  • Burstiest / RQ AD YB AP // Chinese Jester Madred + Boots 1 Hydra Sorc boots Statik Triforce / IE ?
  • Apen hard Madred + Boots Hydra Bruta > Younmu LW
  • AS oriented / RQ AS / Y Armor/lvl B Mres/lvl Madred + Boots BTRK Wriggles Frozen Tanky items
  • Watmog ? Wtv > Warmog Atma IE // Garen wannabe
  •  Early statik Madred Zeal // hardcore farm thx to as, then statik boots 1 ASAP Mobi boots Statik Hydra / splitpush IE / GA

Jungle paths

lex : O = Our, B = Blue, T = Their, R = Red Classic OB TR OB mid OR OR 3wraiths OB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGF6N3Dsjsk // Chinese Jesters #38 Special: The 3 small wraith trick has been popular for a long time but has been getting steam in the most recent of solomid guides about Shaco. I’m not currently aware of the writers name but he’s popularized a section about this. I discovered this trick on my own and am in no way attempting to steal his work. The 3 small wraith trick is simply mathematics. First, a blue or red buff will give 260 exp each. Next the small lizards from the buffs give 20 exp each. Lastly, the small wraiths give 20 exp each. Looking on LoL wiki you would see that to get level 3 you would need to get 660 exp. Doing the math~ 260 x 2 + 20 x 4 would be the 2 bigger camps leading to 600 exp. Thus the remaining 60 exp can be received by doing the 3 small camps. Hence the trick is to do both camps and do the 3 small wraiths to get level 3 rather than doing 3 full camps. This competes with doing 3 full camps by saving 10 seconds on your first gank and trading off the gold and exp from the big wraith/big wolf exp. Note that the small wolves give 25 exp each therefore 50 would not be enough. Lastly, a variation would be to gank and get the 60 exp from the lane cs which is 2 melee minions or 1 melee minion 2 ranged minion or 3 ranged minions. OB trap TR

Champions Synergies

Champions types

Good with Bruisers : Shen / Lulu Global ults for early ganks : Twisted Fate, Jinx, etc. A good initiator tank : Malphite, Zac, wtv Not good with assassins squishy mid hard engage /  Katarina, Karthus, akali. // not sure no gap closer nor hard cc nidalee anivia ? Avoid more than 2 stealth champs

Grabs / Enemy deplacements in boxes // ft. AP Shaco

Blitzcrank, Thresh, Urgot, Ahri, Azir, Skarner, (Tristana / Lee sin / Alistar / Gnar) Blitzcrank / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXYiExFCsyo#t=125

Blocage terrains

J4, Anivia, Azir, Trundle // stay in boxes dmg


Orianna > Ball on shaco > Shaco invisi Q in > Orianna RW
With Zilean > Same with Q + can bomb clone for retarded dmg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJXKUXax17U
Shen > Ult Tp on you while invisble > A wild Shen appears !

Enemy synergies // Chinese Jester

Ignite: You will not be seen in stealth if you’re invisible. Wait 1.5 seconds before Qing so that when the ignite wears off then you will be visible. Aatrox: Your box can fear him mid Q making him go back to his original location. Ahri: Your box counts towards his passive, careful of the heal. The W will not reveal you. Akali: Ulting her Q is crucial to decrease damage taken. Your box cannot fear her while she is invisible. Amumu: Box to block his Q with low ping. Anivia: Ult over her wall. Annie: Do not try to ult her flash ult, yours takes time while hers is instant, instead try to Q and hide. Ashe: Her W will reveal your location because of its missing space if you’re hit when invisible. Blitzcrank: If you Q when the hook hits you you will go to where you Q’d but be frozen for a split second. Brand: Do not ult unless you’re dodging his ult, you will make your clone bounce his ult and kill yourself. Braum: His passive will reveal you for the real one as your clone will have a different charge number. Caitlyn: Ulting her ult before it hits you puts it on a 5s cooldown. Ulting it and dodging it puts it on a full cooldown. Cassiopeia: Your clone will always spawn facing the top of the map, use this to your advantage to not get it frozen by cassio ult. Cho’gath: Yes you can ult his ult, yes you will get screwed if you get silenced. Darius: Ulting Darius ult puts it on a 5 second cooldown. Diana: You will proc her shield in invis revealing a lot about your location. Draven: If Draven throws a Q axe at you and you ult it, it will disappear into nowhere and not come back if dodged. It cannot be caught because it doesn’t exist. Elise: The best time to go on Elise is after her cooldowns have been used, on a camp or in a gank, especially if she repelled in. Abuse her cooldowns but otherwise Q/ult her E, if you get hit you’ll take her full rotation. Additionally come out of the invis after her spider W cooldown is up for maximum efficiency. Hell you can even smite a spider. Evelynn: Your box cannot proc on her while she is invisible. Save your E for when she W’s to re-apply the slow. Ezreal: Block the skillshots with your clone in front of you when chasing. This will also decrease Arcane Barrage damage. Fiddlesticks: Do not ult when he E’s you, you will bounce kill yourself, same with your box, it will bounce. Ignite ASAP. Invade if you can, he probably put a green or pink somewhere though. Gragas: His ult radius is larger than your Q radius so no matter what direction your Q if he throws it dead center on you it will hit. Instead try to ult it. Graves: Your clones an idiot when blinded if you are as well. Heimerdinger: Smite the turret, especially the big turret. Irelia: Don’t let her Q reset to you by your clone, instead run it a different direction if you’re attempting to run away. Jarvan: You can ultimate through his glitchy ult. Jinx: Zap does not reveal you when invisible. Kassadin: His E passive will proc when you Q in, be aware he might have noticed you. Katarina: Her ultimate will reveal you if in the area. Careful of the bounce from your clone to you. Kha’zix: Your box and ultimate stops his isolation damage, use it to duel. Kog’maw: His ult will not reveal you in invis. However, watch out for the passive if you don’t have a getaway plan. Leblanc: You cannot ultimate the chain, it will continue as it was in terms of time after your ultimate. Lee Sin: You can box his Q with low ping. You can also ultimate his ult and put it on a 5 second cooldown. Invade if you have the balls. Look for jukes, Q away from his E when in range. Ult his ult. Shaco has a winning percentage in this matchup. Lulu: She will reveal you, she will chase you, you will die, don’t turn, run and Q over a wall. Malphite: Botrk after he Q’s not before. Morgana: Her ult will reveal you in invis. Nami: Time your Q over the ult and don’t get clone bounced by her W. Nocturne: His Q will follow you even after you Q, either get over a wall or stand still. Fear will still trigger on you when invis. Nunu: Run hide, tell your team to ward, hide your children. Honestly this is a game of warding and knowing what will happen and how to respond. Invade and being invaded is the name of the game. Get 2 buffs or try and steal or kill him as he’s doing it. Orianna: Predict Orianna’s ball movements to dodge her skills and don’t take too many consecutive autos trying to get to her. Pantheon: Watch for the aegis to go down then go in, try to ulti his stun and move behind him while you ulti to evade his E. Remember to run from his final crit. Quinn: You probably need Botrk. Q and ult the passive procs she has on you. Rengar: He will try to delete you, Q as soon as he ults onto you so he doesn’t gain the invis reveal and then see if you can go in. Be smart about the brushes. You cannot ult ASAP because it has a cast time and you will die. If you invade him watch out for collapse and double bola or burst from double Q. Riven: To win you have to ultimate/Q her stun otherwise she will full combo you. Ideally you ultimate and Q her ultimate. Watch out for the 3rd Q knockup it also operates as CC. If she ults early just back off and wait for its cooldown. // max / Ryze : Ult can dodge his Q Shen: Box fear Shen as he attempts to ultimate. If he taunts you in invis you will attack and be revealed. Sion: Have trigger finger on Q and Ult vs AP Sion. Skarner: His third skill will immobilize you so try and get away from it before it happens. Note he is faster than you with W, so you’ll have to run an unconventional path. Soraka: Her Q tells you where you are. Swain: Just ignite him before you duel. Syndra: Q her stun, if you get stunned you die. Talon: Stay out of E range so you don’t get bursted, this includes flash E. If you Q in it will be close without an invis reveal. // max / Taric : Ult can dodge his stun. Tryndamere: If he has reveal you will lose unless you save your Q to run it out. Twisted Fate: His ult reveals you, be ready to move ASAP after their team sees you and then ult his gold card to survive. Twitch: Keep your Q up otherwise you’ll get slowed and kited from him Qing onto you. Udyr: Make early plays and avoid him later if he hyper farmed. Skip jungle item. Veigar: Stunned and you die. Otherwise you can ult ontop of him and be invisible and pray he uses his combo on your clone. Vi: Watch for Vi from over the walls and don’t take her third auto cause its armor breaking % dmg. She can 100-0 you if you’re full damage and shes 1 dmg item and you’re tank, or CC you for her team. If you Q her ult it hits you in invis but she remains at the location where you were before you blinked. Vladimir: His E will hit you in invis. Dont dive him when his cooldowns are up please. Volibear: Respect the passive. Dont walk through minions if hes trying to kill you with his ult aoe. Not highly recommended to invade. Warwick: Invade, skip jungle item, pray. Xin Zhao: Avoid third strike, he doesn’t have to use the first 2 on you, he can charge up E to you and knock you up. Yasuo: Juke the stabs and control you ult that his slide doesn’t benefit from going through your clone to you. This is purely a battle of whether or not he lands his third Q on you with EQ. Zac: Don’t dive his passive and smite a blob. Zed: Walk up to him and if he ults you walk away, otherwise push him in. Ziggs: Delete him ASAP and don’t try to siege vs his clear. Zilean: Don’t get baited by his ult and his speed. His bombs guarantee a hit on you. The timer freezes when you ultimate so dont try and dodge it.


Rien à voir

Tester strat couloir de la mort : Azir / Anivia, Rumble xxxxxxxxx Anivia Wall xxxxxxxxx Rumble Equalizer inc. enemy team, + Ani ult xx^xxx^xx Azir Ult $$$$$$$$ Profit > Bloquer a l’interieur ek ult de J4, Ou mettre contre un mur et bloquer la sortie avec Trundle pillar >:D > Possibilité de remplacer azir par gnar, ou de l’ajouter a la team comp <3 Team comp

  • Azir support
  • Trundle / J4 jungle ? // or sh*tload cc / Amumu / Sejuani
  • Gnar adc
  • Rumble Top
  • Anivia mid



wtv order, best thanks to Chinese Jester <3

  • Wiki / On hit effects / http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/On-hit_effect > Items
  • Youtube / SivHD guide / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKuhf2vdOU0
  • Youtube / Riot champion Spotlight / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9m48jiVWL4
  • Mobafire (detailed skills stats) / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9m48jiVWL4
  • **Riot NA Forums / Shaco’s secret tips / http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=33311220&highlight=
  • Wiki / Shaco starts / Synergies / http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Shaco/Strategy
  • **Reddit / Shaco discussion / http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1jotru/idea_what_if_shacos_clone_upon_reaching_max_range/
  • Beautiful korean / Shaco guide / http://www.solomid.net/guide/view/48041-shaco-build-guide-jungle-by-beautiful-korean
  • Youtube / Fast double buff (3wraiths tip) / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGF6N3Dsjsk
  • Youtube / Shaco ult out of Jarvan Cat. / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9I2DjzCafY
  • Youtube / Korean early micro management / YY1500MunHeeSuck / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKH6ReuBGfI
  • Moba / Good guide / Q max 2nd explained / http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/shaco-jungle-god-anyone-can-be-like-korean-392013
  • *** Chinese build order / Stop at madred, wriggles when full stacks / And manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy moar http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/31988221 // Chinese Jester
  • * SivHD juke school clone shuffling / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rhiE6_syIU
  • http://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool/comments/2d57cg/shaco_tipps/
  • http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/EyGvAlZM-feral-flare-on-hit-effects-edge-cases-clones-etc
    • This is so fcking retarded that Shaco’s clone procs all on hit effect. Oh yeah. all of them. Except Flare & BTRK. No f*cking big deal. Rito please -_-
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP1Ke85VWio // Hallucinate over walls / read comments
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5XQNmTIEyQ // Deutsch clone lvl 5
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJ5XxEReqzo // Shaco boxes
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9q2fvsSMmCtcXEDVVkjMrw // dozTO / Quelques montages


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